Review frequently asked questions and answers about Conga Contracts. If you have a question not answered here, please contact conga@miami.edu.

General FAQs

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  • Which of the University's Central Contracting Units will be using Conga Contracts to review and negotiate contracts?

    There are four Central Contracting Units that will be using Conga Contracts to review and negotiate contracts: Contract Administration (Business Services), UHealth Supply Chain Services, Academic/Research - Purchasing (Company 200) and Office of the General Counsel.

  • Will all University contracts be processed through Conga Contracts for review and negotiation?

    As of June 1, 2021, only contract requests submitted to the following four Central Contracting Units will be processed through Conga Contracts: Contract Administration (Business Services), Office of the General Counsel, Purchasing (Academy), and UHealth Supply Chain Services.

    Contracting processes for all other central contracting units at the University will continue outside of Conga Contracts. Examples of these include, but are not limited to, research collaboration agreements, material transfer agreements, inbound material transfer agreements and clinical trial agreements managed by the Office of Research Administration (ORA); gift agreements managed by Advancement; construction agreements managed by Facilities Operations & Planning; licensing agreements for licensing of UM-developed intellectual property and outbound material transfer agreements managed by the Office of Technology Transfer.

  • What is changing about the contract submission/review process?

    There are several aspects of the contract submission and review process that changed when Conga Contracts went live to the University on June 1, 2021. For a list of the changes, please refer to the Conga Contracts Informational Presentation.

  • May I continue to email my contracts to the relevant Central Contracting Unit?

    Most contracts should be submitted either in Workday or Conga Contracts. It is recommended to review the Contract Routing Matrix in order to confirm you submit your request to the appropriate Central Contracting Unit.

    If you are unsure of where your contract falls in the Contract Routing Matrix, you may reach out to one of the Central Contracting Units for futher support. 

  • What are the benefits of using Conga Contracts?

    Conga Contracts allows the University to track the progress of contracts, as well as renewal deadlines once a contract is fully executed. It also creates an archive of contracts that may be referenced later. The system helps us ensure that nothing gets lost along the way. For more information on the benefits of the system, please refer to the Conga Contracts Informational Presentation.

  • How do I know my role is in the system?

    Please complete the Conga for Contract Requesters computer-based learning course (CBL) for a helpful guide on system roles. The main roles in Conga are:

    • Requester – A Requester is any UM faculty or staff member who initiates a request for drafting or review of a contract.
    • Contract Owner – A Contract Owner is a member of one of the Central Contracting Units tasked with drafting or reviewing and negotiating your contract.
    • Approver/Reviewer – An Approver/Reviewer is a subject matter expert from one of the other central offices at the University who have been designated to review certain aspects of contracts when they arise; for example, compliance, human resources or IT.

  • How long will it take for my contract to be processed?

    It is each Central Contracting Unit's (CCU's) goal to process your contracts quickly and efficiently. However, it may take longer to draft or review more complex contracts or contracts with unusual components, and appropriate time must be allowed for negotiation of the terms if necessary. Timing also depends on each CCU's volume at the time and responsiveness of party we are contracting with. Please submit your contracts as early as possible to allow ample time for processing.

System Questions

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  • How do I log into Conga Contracts?

    You can access Conga Contracts by visiting conga.miami.edu. You will be redirected to UM's single sign-on page, where you will be required to enter your UM login credentials.

    Note: If you joined the University on June 1, 2021 or later, in order to log into Conga Contracts, you will need to submit a System Access Request Form to help@miami.edu. Alternatively, if the contract you are requesting will require a Purchase Order (i.e., it involves the purchase of products and/or services), you should initiate your contract request in Workday and you will automatically be granted access to Conga Contracts without having to submit a System Access Request Form.

  • I am experiencing an error or issue with Conga Contracts. Who should I contact?

    Please submit a ticket to the UMIT Service Desk via UService or via email to help@miami.edu.

  • How do I initiate a contract request?

    Please complete the Conga for Contract Requesters computer-based learning (CBL) course for a helpful guide on how to initiate contract requests in the system.

  • Which of the Request Forms should I use to submit my contract request once I am logged in to the system?

    Please complete the Conga for Contract Requesters computer-based learning course (CBL) for a helpful guide on the differences between the Request Forms. Additionally, please refer to the Request Form descriptions next to the Request Form names in Conga Contracts. These descriptions offer additional information about when to use each Request Form.

    Reminder: If your contract request will require a Purchase Order because it involves the purchase of products or services, please initiate your request in Workday, not in Conga.

  • If I need clarification about how to respond to a specific question on a Request Form, what can I do?

    Many of the Request Form questions contain helpful Quick Tips that provide additional guidance about what information is being requested. Locate a Quick Tip by looking for the following symbol to the left of a question: [?]. Position your mouse tip over the symbol, and the Quick Tip information will display.

    If you are still unsure how to answer a particular question, please reach out to the Central Contracting Unit to which you are submitting your contract request. Click here for a list of contacts.

  • What documents should I submit with my contract request?

    The documents you should submit will depend on the contract type. The following are intended only as examples:

    • If you are requesting a services agreement (either where UM is providing services to or purchasing services from another party), you will need to submit a detailed statement of work (Word document) that includes as many details as possible, including, but not limited to:
      1. An overview/background description
      2. A detailed list of all services to be provided
      3. A detailed list of deliverables, if any
      4. A timeline for provision of the services and deliverables
      5. A list of the responsible personnel for each party who will manage day-to-day communications related to the services
      6. The fees to be paid for the services/deliverables
      7. The payment schedule
      8. How payment will be made

    • If you are purchasing equipment or products and you have been provided a quote from the seller, please attach the quote and any other documentation relevant to the purchase.

    • If you are submitting a request to amend or extend the term of an existing contract, please submit a copy of the existing contract with your request, along with any prior amendments to the contract.

  • I submitted a Request Form in Conga Contracts but forgot to attach my document(s). Am I able to edit my submission to attach the document(s) after the fact?

    While you cannot edit your submission after it has been submitted, you may use the Messaging feature on the Contract Profile page for your contract and send a message to the Central Contracting Unit with the attachment. Using Messaging within Conga ensures your document becomes part of the record in the system.

  • How do I check the status of my contract request?

    • For contracts initiated in Workday (because they require a Purchase Order):
      • Prior to financial approval being completed in the Workday workflow: You may view the status of your request by accessing the Process History tab for your Purchase Requisition in Workday.
      • After your contract is in Conga Contracts and you have been prompted to and completed the Workday-Initiated Request Form: You may log into Conga Contracts at any time to track the status of your contract request.

    • For contracts initiated directly in Conga Contracts (because no Purchase Order is required):
      • You may log into Conga Contracts at any time to track the status of your contract request.

  • How will I know when my contract has been fully executed?

    You will be notified via a system-generated email when your contract is complete. You will be able to access the fully executed contract from the home page in Conga Contracts.

  • Will I receive a copy of the contract once it has been signed by the authorized signatory?

    Yes, you will receive a notification from Conga Contracts that signature has been completed, and you may access the completed contract by logging into Conga Contracts. If a fully executed contract involves issuance of a PO, Purchasing will also attach the fully executed contract to the PO upon issuance.

  • Am I able to lookup contracts I previously submitted through Conga Contracts?

    Yes. One of the advantages of Conga Contracts is that it provides the Requester access to their previously submitted contracts. Note that only the Requester will be able to view the Requester’s previous contracts.

Contracting Process Questions

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